Mommy Diaries

Hear about all the ups and downs of Tanya's pregnancy.

Apr 12, 2011

September 2009

It's amazing how your body tells you you're pregnant before your brain really registers the information -– sore boobs, fatigue, nausea never felt so good! It's very early but a very exciting time when only you and your spouse know this little miracle is growing inside. We are enjoying the secret for now, because once the grandparents find out it will be daily discussions on how much food and rest I am getting.  

November 2009

It was a rough few weeks -– very, very tired this time around in my first tri which I don't remember from my pregnancy with Simran. The great news is that I finally told my friends, several of whom have been trying to get pregnant for the last two years and guess what? They're ALL pregnant as well! I am so excited to have girlfriends with me through this journey, since Simran has been basically the communal child for all our friends for the last year. We all can happily complain about how strange our expanding bellies feel, share tips on keeping fit through the pregnancy, and most importantly, enjoy some fabulous New York meals together! We are going home for Thanksgiving to tell the grandparents in person. Can't wait to see their reactions!

December 2009

Twenty weeks. Work has been really hectic and sometimes I just want to curl up into a ball and sleep in my office. I haven't told my team I'm pregnant yet (sweater coats are awesome at hiding the baby bump!) but somehow chocolate croissants keep showing up on my desk every afternoon so I assume they've guessed! I appreciate my colleagues' efforts to keep me well fed! Still wearing my heels to work everyday, but it's been getting harder to balance on the busy streets of this hectic city. I am slowly caving into the pressure to buy proper snowboots this season. Uggs? YUCK! I prefer Choos.

February 2010

We are trying to get Simran ready for being a big sister and she is very affectionate with the belly –- she kisses it and talks to her baby brother or sister in the most gentle voice. Not sure she really understands her world is drastically about to change. In the long run, however, the two greatest gifts we can give her are a good education and a sibling. So far so good on both! She just got into one of the BEST schools in Manhattan, where the acceptance rate is about 5%. One challenge remains -- I HAVE to potty train this one before the next one comes. So, I called in nani (Simran's maternal grandmother) to get the job done. Sure enough, my mom had this girl trained in four days. Thank god for Grandma!