Momzillas and Evil Queens

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Momzillas and Evil Queens

LT tells us how he dealt with this week's difficult clients (and their not-so-nice friends).

This week's episode was filled with lots of emotions. Not only did we have a momzilla, who demanded for someone to get her scissors, cupcakes, and other sweets, but we also met Michelle and her evil queen friend day husband!

Robyn's wedding requests had us in a whirlwind. Thankfully the ceremony was beautiful, and I had a great time at the wedding. I felt honored to be included in the hora chair dance. Of course, in LT fashion, I felt that this sacred dance needed choreography, so I decided by add a few leg kicks! Mazel, honey!

Michelle wanted to ask her boss, Lord Wedgewood, to be the godparent of her daughter. She and her day husband met with Rosie and I for a crash course in tea etiquette. Afterwards, I wasn't sure if they would be able to properly execute serving their tea with delicacy. Luckily, Lord Wedgewood gracefully accepted his god fathership.

On a not so light note... Steven seemed to have personal issues with me. I didn't feel it was necessary for him to assume that I couldn't select a dress for Michelle solely on my personal look. Yes, I usually ignore negative comments, but I felt I needed to respond to his unnecessary actions. Yes, I chose to personally attack his waistline, but I had to defend myself. In the end, he should be aware that there is life outside of his preppie world. There is nothing wrong with my jumpsuit, but there is something wrong with his fashion bigotry. I usually do not disrespect my elders, but when someone bigger than me has the audacity to slander my taste, retaliation is a must. Therefore, standing up for myself actually takes BT (big testicles). Just saying.  

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