Rosie Pope

Rosie shares the funniest moment from her press tour and talks about her work-life balance.

on Apr 19, 2011

Now, to finish on a light-hearted note, if you learn anything from my "High Tea" instructions, please learn one thing, and that is compliments and hugs simply make an English gal feel uncomfortable. (Okay, I have been in the U.S. for over ten years so I am starting to like the compliments!) We simply don't know what to do with the affection, so don't be offended if we respond to your delightful compliment with something completely ridiculous like, "Don’t be silly, I look like a cow in this outfit!" Ahhh, what it is to be British, we are so well adapted!  Hmm, I think not, thank goodness my sons are 50% southern!

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