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The Nanny Olympics

LT shares some of his favorite moments from the search for the perfect nanny.

Can't believe that this is the season finale! But before the tears start rolling down, let's recap. I was shocked when Rosie told Hannah and I she was pregnant. So shocked that an electrical kiki force came over me sending out a Mariah Carey vocal. Congrats to Rosie and Daron on their new bundle of joy!

This week I was so happy to see Michelle, a fellow Godiva diva. We set up a nanny speed dating session for her so she could find the perfect nanny. These nanny candidates had no idea what was in store. I loved that Rosie gave me a bell to ring and a stopwatch to keep time, "One minute honey." Some of these candidates were amazing, but most were special. I truly enjoyed having the ability to object, because some of the ladies needed it. The Nanny Olympics were ESPN worthy complete with triple axels, the toddler yard dash, and floor exercises. My look was sponsored by Adidas and accented with a faux fur vest, serious summer Olympic realness.

Going to the Hamptons was festive. Lucy and I had a ladies afternoon complete with an ocean view Queen Victoria waxing. This is a must for mothers-to-be before going into labor. It's no longer the '80s and lady jungles are not in fashion. You definitely want your surgical field tidy! 

This season was filled with lots of ups and downs. I sometimes get cranky when I haven't had my coffee or when I am hungry, but some of our clients definitely make my moments seem angelic. I truly enjoy the daily hormonal challenges that come our way at Rosie Pope Maternity. Everything inspires me! 

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What's next? More fashion, more music, more dancing for the children, and beyond!