Daron Pope

Daron thinks a club-like environment will bring out the child in anyone.

on May 23, 2012

As you may have noticed, Jessica and Carlo built a gorgeous home/nightclub (if you missed it the first time around, check it out on the encore showings of Pregnant in Heels) that would make Steve Wynn envious. From the chrome, to the mirrors, to the velvet --they nailed the nightclub vibe to a tee. Replace the booze and loud music with a mountain of toys and multiple miniature electric European sports cars, and you’ve created a nightclub paradise for little Leah.

Here’s the downside to home-gone-nightclub: When an otherwise adorable and precocious 6-year old (like Leah) grows up in a nightclub environment, she may, at times, take on the traits of a crazed 28-year-old man who is acting like a 6-year old at a nightclub. Take another look at the black-and-white guerilla-style surveillance video of Leah if you need a better explanation.  The footage brought me back to my nightclub days. Leah looked about as controllable as one of my unfortunate buddies on an amped-up, black-lit nightclub dance floor.

The good news is that Leah has so much potential, has a great support network around her and has proven that she can overcome any challenge (Rosie clearly challenged her). My friends? Well, the jury is still out.