Daron Pope

Daron doesn't like when ghosts get too real.

on Jul 10, 2012

Haunted houses and traditional horror films are typically easy for me to handle. However, there's something about guerilla-style documentaries with faceless serial killers and terrified backpackers which rub me the wrong way. I felt the same way whenever my friends broke open the Ouiji board at a sleepover or someone implied that there may be a ghost in my house. The moment it goes from pure fiction to a 1% possibility, my stomach drops.
Watching Rosie help an actual “ghostbuster” assess a house in New Jersey (where I spent over a decade growing up) brought me back to my Ouiji board nights and my Blair Witch experience. I'm sure I'll be fine tonight. I may just keep the bedroom door open a little wider and play Ray Parker's Anthem on repeat as I try to fall asleep.