Daron Pope

Daron doesn't understand why women think men are so complicated.

on Jun 12, 2012

Last week I had dinner in a small, crowded NYC restaurant next to a group of very outspoken women, who didn't seem to care that my friends and I could hear every word of their conversation. One lady “Jane” had a fight with her husband earlier in the evening and proceeded to start the dinner off with a bang. “Men absolutely suck. If they were erased from the planet, we’d all be better off.” "Jane's" friend chimed in, “They’re not so bad, they’re just complicated.”

At this point, a few of my friends decided to engage the women and see if they could convince them of the value of our lesser sex. However I zoned out for a few minutes and thought about that last comment. Now I’m not sure if I was more offended by the attack on our gender or the fact that the women didn’t acknowledge our existence when discussing the matter. But as they went on to discuss the enigma of men, I zoned out for a few minutes and thought about that last comment. Are men really all that complicated? I didn’t offer any opinions (nor were my opinions solicited), but I believe that men are actually very simple animals. I’ve heard it said that every decision a man makes is driven either by the desire for sex or the fear of death. (Please note that I have absolutely no sources for this claim -- but for the sake of convenience, we can assume Freud said something that resembled this concept.) I’m no Freud, but that doesn’t sound so complicated.

The simplicity of men was fairly apparent in tonight’s episode. Take Marcel and Curtis. Here are two men with seemingly nothing in common. In spite of their obvious differences, they’re able to play a round of golf together, as if they were old friends. In the end, once you remove all the noise, Marcel and Curtis are not all that different. Like the rest of our gender, they are fairly simple beings. They are driven by the same motivators: sex and death.