Daron Pope

Daron doesn't understand why women think men are so complicated.

on Jun 12, 2012

Now if I can be so bold as to put my own spin on this psychological assessment of men (an assessment which I may have just invented): Men may be driven by sex and death. Or (and this is a brilliant spin) they may be driven simply by sex. If I’m being honest with myself, Marcel and Curtis didn’t seem all too concerned with the whole death thing. On the other hand, they clearly couldn’t get sex off their minds. When Curtis was told that Jennifer would have to wait six weeks from the delivery date before she could engage in sex again, he didn’t miss a beat. In a less than delicate manner, Curtis implied that he had no intention of waiting six weeks, because he could always use the “back door.” And how about Marcel. During an otherwise peaceful yoga session in the Dominican Republic, Susan has to tell her husband repeatedly to stand down because he is using the session as an invitation to fondle her.

I have no doubt that Curtis and Marcel will make wonderful fathers. I also have no doubt that, if they focus on the lessons learned with Rosie and her team, they will have long and fruitful marriages. However, these two gentlemen may be very clear evidence that men are really not that complicated. As Freud may or may not have said -- Men, at best, are driven by two variables. And if we’re honest with ourselves, it may just be one. This all begs the question:  Why do women think we're complicated?