Rosie Pope

Rosie talks about the crazy weather and her even crazier couples.

on Jun 12, 2012

OK, so I know there is sooo much to discuss after this week's episode, not least of all Curtis' comment about sore behinds. (I still get red and flustered just thinking about it!) But in the interests of style (this is Bravo after all, and I am a maternity designer as well as concierge), I must comment on my hair on this week's episode! When planning the couples’ retreat /babymoon bonanza, I picked the Dominican Republic for many reasons, but not least because of its fantastic weather. "It never rains this time of the year" are the words I heard repeatedly coming from the hotel's reservation staff. Well, it certainly did rain, and it rained hard. Literally every romantic, scenic event I planned coincided with gale force winds and torrential down pours. But being the stubborn concierge that I am, I forged ahead and made my clients do so as well. After all, come rain or shine, we had to get these guys on the same peaceful pages before their babes arrived. It did mean however that I had to say goodbye to any chance of a coiffed hairdo or looking glam in a sticky wet tropical paradise. Each scene displays an even worse mop of madness on my head, so I hope you all get a good little (or large) laugh!