Rosie Pope

Rosie explains why immunizations are so important.

on Jun 5, 2012

When it comes to Nia, her argument wasn't even the most common, it was that children are born "perfect and whole" and should be able to get sick then fight off the infection if they eat the right foods.  I believe children are born perfect and whole too, but this doesn't mean their immune system is developed to be able to fight deadly diseases.  The argument simply made no sense and as a mother I had to change her mind. 

I know this subject is sensitive, I know some of you may strongly disagree with me, but with what we know today, I ask you, how can you make any decision other than go ahead with immunizations?  If someone out there knows something I don't, I want to hear from you, because we are making these decisions for all of our children and that means having a conversation and trying to make a unilateral decision together so it works.

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