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Dreams Come True

Rosie can't believe how far she's come since opening her first store in New York.

I started my first store with literally a cash box in front of me, a new baby, and a whole bunch of massive dreams. (And all right as Wall Street crashed.) As I waited for that first customer to come in, I would tell JR everything mommy wanted to do, from my maternity fashion line to MomPrep's prenatal and post-partum classes to the concierge business I was about to launch. His gazing eyes gave me all the confidence I needed, even in the face of so much doubt and anxiety. Simply put, I needed to make this work for him; I had a family now and I had to support their future. You can only imagine how nuts I was when that first beautiful pregnant lady walked in. I could hardly leave her alone wanting to tell her everything I had to offer, everything I wanted to offer in the future, and learn as much as I could about her. My customers and clients are such a gift. They teach me new things every single day, and while I have come so far, they always remind me how much more there is to learn and to do. I feel honored that I get to share some of this journey with you on Pregnant in Heels.

It is easy to get lost in the whirlwind of growing a family business and to keep thinking of the next thing. A dear friend of mine always reminds me to enjoy the now, to stop and smell the roses. As cliché as that may be, it’s a darn good phrase, and I think we all too often forget it. For me, opening my Santa Monica store was a true smell-the-roses moment. From my dining room table to the cash box to opening my second store and taking the west coast by storm, this is something I am truly proud of. I am someone who wants to be involved in every aspect of my business, so trust me when I say I was intimately involved all the way down to the jelly beans in the Santa Monica store! (Be sure to check out all the fabulous photos from our grand opening party.) Yes, every day is a baby shower at Rosie Pope Maternity, so pregnant or not, if you are on the west (or east) coast, come visit us!

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