Rosie Pope

Rosie explains the genius of her robot baby.

on May 29, 2012

I am not generally a self-congratulatory person, but I have to say, when I discovered robot baby, I was pretty proud of myself! I mean, could a maternity concierge have a better partner?! I think not. You see, I find clients like Jay and Paula can talk all they want about wanting to be prepared and wanting to work together, but the fact is all that talking doesn't always get the results people are looking for, especially when they aren't listening to each other. It's far better to push them to their limits in order for a change to happen. Hence robot baby. This crazed mechanical doll requires feeding, burping, swaddling, and neck support –- it’s not messing around. If you don't do it right or for long enough, those little mechanical lungs are going to let you know about it! For this couple an entire day of intensive MomPrep classes was not enough, they needed it to be followed up by an evening with robot baby before they finally realized things needed to change. They needed to support and trust each other and work together as a team. Besides, robot baby isn't exactly cuddly, so when they finally meet their real baby it will be sooo much easier. When it’s your child and your heart is so full of love for them, all that work doesn't seem like work. It’s an honor and a blessing to have the opportunity to parent, but I had to push Paula and Jay to their limits to get them to see this.

Now before I moved on to Jenay, I must comment on Jay's interpretation of "tummy time"! Bless his little cotton socks, he was trying to so hard on that Mommy IQ test, but the poor lamb just wouldn’t admit when he had no idea what he was talking about! A little piece of advice -- I prefer someone to be honest when they don't know something so I can teach them rather than insisting on something totally and utterly insane! Poor Jay kept insisting tummy time starts before the baby is born. What? I am still confused. If anyone has the slightest idea what he was talking about, please let me know.