Rosie Pope

Rosie discusses the importance of being flexible in your parenting.

on May 21, 2012

The tiger mom versus the mom who had no follow through -– Wow! These ladies really put me to the test, because neither in my mind had the right answer when it comes to parenting. As with almost everything I can think of, you need balance (not a thing I found with these moms) and the ability to be flexible so that you can nurture your child's individual personality -- there is no one size fits all when it comes to parenting!

Can we stop for a moment though and comment on Jessica's pink, club-tastic closet? I know, I know, I digress! I felt like I needed a martini while I was standing in there. If I had a closet like that, it would be hard to ever actually put on jeans. I think I'd come out constantly over-dressed and definitely in head-to-toe sparkles!

I am sure the sleep training probably seemed a little harsh, but as any parent knows, to be good at it one not only needs to sleep but your child needs to have sleep and healthy doses of it. A child with an unhealthy and interrupted night time ritual and sleep pattern often has problems at school and is far less happy during the day. I mean it's obvious being tired is no fun for anyone, especially not a little one.