Amanda: About that Octopus Story...

Erica: "I'm Far From Perfect"

Chanel's Ch-Ch-Changes

Ashlee: "I Have Lupus"

Amanda's Fairytale Ending

Casey: "Thank You!"

Joey: Apology Smology?

Ashlee's Breaking Point

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Joey, on Ashlee's "Mom" Comment

Proud of Chanel!

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Casey: Hangin' with Ashlee's Family

Casey's Best Friend's (Sister's) Wedding

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Ashlee: Taking the High Road

Joey: I am NOT a Bad Person

Erica: A Reason, a Season, a Lifetime

Chanel: "I Am Not Perfect"

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Joey: Show Me 30!

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InterWHATion Gone Wrong

Drink Hanky Nation

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The History of Kissamint

Erica: Wrong Time and Place

Chanel: A Broken Heart, But Not for Long!

Ashlee: Embrace Your Age!

Erica: Mind You Own Business -- I Love My Rob!

Casey: You've Got a Friend in Me

Amanda: "Erica was Inconsiderate to Rob"

Joey: When Singles Camp Hands You Lemons...

Amanda: About that Octopus Story...

Amanda Bertoncini just likes to keep up with current events, OK?!

Hello, my fabulous people. Thank you for catching up with AB. That was my nickname growing up in Great Neck. I’ve kept it ever since. People all still call me that. If you remember, Jeff was wearing the red hat with the AB initials on it when we went shopping with my mom that wonderful day! Let’s face it: my last name is ridiculous to pronounce. I am an Italian/Sephardic Greek Jewish girl. My dad converted to Judaism when he married my mom. I have the utmost respect for him for doing that because my grandparents are off-the-boat Italian. Sunday dinners at 2 p.m., five-course Italian meal-style!

So, I have to say how happy I was that Joey came to apologize to me at my mother’s store, Wearhouse in Great Neck. She doesn’t live close. I know she definitely felt slightly uncomfortable with the drive, but even more uncomfortable making a repair to my face, in person. My mom can be quite a bit intimidating. She can get all BROOKLYN up in ya face! Ha! My mom’s from Coney Island. Joey understood how offensive her friend was at the pool party. Hopefully we gain to grow as friends “minus the hot mess part”!

My narrations in the intro, imitating everyone’s voices, made me almost pee my pants.

The double date Jeff and I had with Erica and Rob was one of the best times I’ve had with a couple! Erica and I really get along and can just be free to let go and have fun! DRAMA-FREE ZONE! I felt people probably thought I was nuts telling the octopus story. However, I keep up with current events. I really honestly, completely swear that I heard about it in the news! Bad timing -- I mean, we were eating dinner! I love Casey’s relationship with her mom, and it is actually similar to my relationship with my mom. Not entirely, but in similar ways. We both come from a divorced home and are very close to our moms. I feel like our mothers are the wind beneath our wings. Casey’s mom gives her great advice. She’s one strong woman.

Casey and Erica’s relationship definitely is sad, and I relate on both ends. Erica was young and didn’t realize how hurtful it could be. Also, this was a traumatic experience for Casey. Once the yelling at the table started, both their triggers were pulled, and it got chaotic. Evidently, Chef Justin needed an Advil or two! I feel Casey has her guard up with me, but I know she’s got major trust issues. I can relate to what she is going through and could be a friend who truly understands. 

princesses-amanda-blog.jpgJeff and me, right before we left for the Hamptons

When Jeff and I were packing the car leaving for the Hamptons, Babs was being  the typical Babs. Hey Babs… ”Ah! Shutuppah ya face!” after she asked if she can come 30 times!

LOVE the Deep Woods bug spray scene with Erica and Chanel. That should be one of Chanel’s new dance moves.

To be continued…

Me and Jeff arrive and BOOM! Bring life back to this Shabbocalypse! Hopefully we can “cut the tension with a knife” and just dance!

PS: Did anyone notice Ashlee said “sundan” and not “sundown” Ha! Love it!