Amanda Bertoncini

Amanda didn't appreciate being interrogated at Ashlee's sleepover.

on Jul 23, 2013

The double date with Jeff, me, Ashlee, and Marcos was absolutely hysterical. I know Ashlee likes “amenities” (ha!) and older men, so I thought my mom’s friend Marcos would be perfect. He is a Latin Jew, very romantic, and could take care of Ashlee like she wants. In the beginning, I really thought they were hitting it off. Once we got to the club, things got interesting! Evidently it was “50 and over night,” and to be honest, I couldn’t care less because I can have fun pretty much anywhere I go. Some people can’t. Marcos just wanted to have fun, but maybe a little too much fun! It’s in his nature to be the life of the party. I mean, look at Jeff: my boyfriend who’s always so talkative and fun, out of all people, was respectful and pretty quiet that night! At a certain point, Marcos decided to dance with everyone at the club (ha!) maybe because Ashlee just wasn’t into it as much as she was in the beginning… I don’t really know why. I kept trying to get Marcos back to Ashlee, but it wasn’t working. Oy vey… What can I say? I tried.

Now with this sleepover that I was invited to… WTF! I love my girl time, however,  when I am invited over only to be interrogated with questions… Now Ashlee, come on, girl… that's high school, or a ridiculous and obnoxious scene from the movie Mean Girls. Ashlee just invited me over to ask questions about Joey when I thought I was just going over to have fun like we used to. I’m all about honesty, trust, and truth. People have always known that’s my M.O. There is no phony bone in my body. I am real. When asked a question, unless someone has confided in me not to say anything, I am going to answer it! Yes, Ashlee, you talked badly about Joey behind her back… what else is new?! (ha!) Joey already knew you did anyway. You get a vibe when someone’s talking about you. SOMETHING SMELLS FISHY. (See image below!) Now that it seems as if I’m friends with Joey, I have no friend in you, Ashlee. Pathetic! I’ve always been a good friend to you, Ashlee, but if you can’t see that, it’s your loss, not mine.

Going apartment shopping with Joey was difficult for me emotionally, but I tried to stay positive for her. Her dad’s 90-day notice to be out of the house definitely isn’t enough time for her to save enough money, while she is working towards building her business.  It seemed as if it was shocking, frustrating, and heartbreaking for Joey to hear how much some of these tiny apartments cost to rent. This meant it would make it a heck of a lot more difficult for Joey, and like I said, 90 days, in her case, is an unconscionable ultimatum. I thought it might be a good thing for Joey to phone her dad to let him know she was making the effort to look, at least this way he would know she’s taking action. The phone call didn’t even get to that point. He seemingly was already pissed at her before he even picked up the phone. That was the last thing she needed. I told her Babs would love to have her stay over, but Joey needs a place to call home. I am confident that it will all work out for her in due time.