Amanda Bertoncini

Amanda talks about her relationship with Jeff.

on Aug 5, 2013

To my Princesses fans,

Thank you for all of your support throughout the season of Princesses. You guys have put a smile on my face every morning and every night. Even though the season is over, I will always be there to talk to via Twitter (@TheRealAmandaB_) and share photos via Instagram (@AmandaBertoncini) and on Facebook through my fan page!  I am happy to those whom I’ve inspired, which was my ultimate goal. I know as a woman growing up you face many obstacles, and I put mine all out there! Every family has issues, all friends bicker, and love always finds a way when you're patient. If I can teach you anything, it is to believethat your dreams are truly attainable if you work hard and have a thick skin. Don’t let anyone bring you down. The only person who can bring you down is yourself. Every girl is born a princess, and you deserve everything this beautiful world has to offer.  Always wear your invisible crown.

Now, I have to begin with saying that the drama in the wine vineyard was indeed as CRAY as it looked! I had a sense that something was going to happen, as I said, in my own Italian words: Ashlee had a sourpuss on her face the whole time. The rest of us girls were trying to make the most out of it. Joey felt uncomfortable, but she was trying her best to be copasetic.  Yes, Erica brought up the elephant in the room, but the actual fight is by no means Erica’s fault! Once the topic was brought up, everyone was fighting. I don’t know if you were actually able to hear me -- ha! -- but I did say a couple times, “Let’s talk one person at a time!” Yeah, that wasn’t happening! Things quickly got out of control on everyone’s end. I was just trying to calm things down, but once Ashlee said, "Erica this is all your fault" and "Amanda, don’t get involved," I LOST IT! WTF?! EVERYONE is now involved, thank you, Ashlee! You made it like this! And after 5th grade, I stopped taking sides. Unfortunately I was forced into one, which honestly worked out better. Me, Joey, and Erica really started to bond after my Drink Hanky party. I truly love them both. Erica has such a warm heart, and I always laugh with her. Same with Joey, and the fact that we both started our own businesses definitely made us closer. I am able to talk with her about things -- I can’t with some of the other girls --and she really gives great advice. She is someone who will tell me I am wrong, even though we are friends, and that’s what I do. That’s what real friends do. In the wine vineyard, I thought Ashlee was blaming everyone and making herself look like a victim. How dare you?! We are at this disgusting point because you brought us into it! Oy… Then when Ashlee made her exit and said what she said about Joey’s mom… sorry, I’ll let you go now. 

Erica’s dad was waiting for us with the men he hired to be on the boat. He was calling Erica every five minutes, and Erica was starting to get really worried about pissing her dadn off.  Also, her boyfriend was waiting with her dad which made her only want to get their faster because that could be potentially awkward. We found out on the boat hours later that Ashlee was in the hospital.  Joey was nervous that she would be blamed for it, but I had to let her know that she can’t blame herself. Ashlee went off, and caused herself to have a panic attack. We were leaving the wine vineyard and she ran away like we were coming after her to -- I don’t know -- have it out?! We weren’t! We were staying positive, if anything. I feel awful that she was in the hospital, and now knowing more of what her health issues actually are, I would never let her out of my sight. Ashlee, I am sorry for that.Casey, I am not even going to give this any real attention because it’s so ridiculous, but show up to our group hangout or keep your mouth shut. Don’t sit there and say what you would have done when you don’t know s---. Also, never tell me who I can and can’t be friends with. NEXT.