Amanda Bertoncini

Amanda explains why Erica was so relieved when she and Jeff arrived.

on Jun 14, 2013

Hey guys! Thank you for watching Princesses and for catching up with me on my blog! Hope you had a fabulous weekend, especially from 9-10 p.m. on Sunday! I got the privilege of going on Z100 with Jeff and Casey and finally got to meet Greg T. The Frat Boy and Skeery Jones! I grew up listening to their morning show on my way to school! Surreal experience! On top of that, when we went outside to our car we see STEVEN TYLER! He was so friendly and gave me the biggest hug. I haven’t showered yet. Ha! Also, I was asked by the John Paul Ataker showroom to represent their line in a photoshoot. Can’t wait to show you pictures! This weekend, I finalized the production for my second collection for my company, The Drink Hanky. There will be many different styles and fabrics all with elastic and drawstring. There will even be a new Princess size that is special edition. Stay tuned…! 

On this week’s episode… my five girls were SAVED BY THE DOORBELL! When Jeff and I walked in, Erica ran right to me crying. At that moment I was thinking, “Already?!” I know Erica feels close to me and felt a sigh of relief when she was hugging me, anything to distract from that chaotic experience. Although Erica made some mistakes in the past, I know she feels sorry and ashamed for her behavior. On the other hand, I want Casey to know that not every man will leave the woman they’re with. I feel compelled to let Casey know this. My parents are divorced as well, and the process wasn’t easy for me, and I still deal with certain issues. Yet, I still was able to open my heart, let my guard down, and realize my own self worth, which yielded my relationship with Jeff.

Jeff and I had the best time at our hotel! AMEN to having our own time together. We were swimming, laying out on our bed, and enjoyed Nobu sushi poolside. Whenever I’m with Jeff I get to forget about the drama and remember how grateful I am to have him in my life. When he said that he is my reflection he couldn’t have been more right as I am his reflection too. When I see my friends go through hardships, it really affects me, and I sometime lose my sense of self in trying to help them. Jeff brings me back to reality, helps me understand that taking care of me is top priority, as well as staying in the moment and staying away from toxic situations nine times out of ten will keep me happy. Our relationship couldn’t be healthier. Not only do we love each other, but we respect one another. You can have love for one another, but without respect for one another, the love won’t last.