Ashlee White

Ashlee White apologizes for her "ghetto" comments.

on Jun 5, 2013

Ashlee: Manis, Pedis and the Real Me

Hello kingdom (and by kingdom I mean my family, my friends, and the fans I adore and appreciate more than words can express)!

I have been a spiraling whirlwind these past few days, so here’s what you need to know and in this order…

First and foremost, I extend my sincerest heartfelt apology for anyone I hurt or offended with the comments I made in Freeport. I was stressed, overwhelmed, and not thinking. I’m not excusing myself, but truly want everyone to know how sorry I am. If you think you know me after one scene, you are short changing yourself because my heart is as large as my stature is short.

With that being said, allow me to introduce myself. Yes, I’m a petite princess living the life of luxury (and loving every minute of it). I’m also a loyal friend who’s controlled by her heart moreso than her head. My family serves as my best friends. My sister is my clone. My mother is my role model and best friend. My father is the king that any future suitor must compare to. 

By now I hope you’ve all watched the first episode -- and what an episode it was! Let’s star at the very beginning…

I absolutely adore Chanel’s parents, and just watching the first scene made me fall in love with them even more. Her sister’s advice was jackpot: don’t settle and find someone to kiss your feet! I’ll cheers to that! I don’t think Chanel realizes what an amazingly special person she is and that she deserves nothing but the best. I’m such a family girl, and it makes me happy to see her family looking out for her so fiercely and whole-heartedly. She’s a great catch and everyone should recognize it.