Casey Cohen

Casey Cohen weighs in on the premiere -- and her castmates -- before she makes her grand entrance in Episode 2.

on Jun 2, 2013

Every girl wants to be a princess, and finding that inner beauty makes each girl unique and special in their fairytale. As one of the newest royal members of the Bravo Kingdom, I have castles in both Jericho, Long Island, and NYC. Episode 1 gives a glimpse at what you're about to see behind all the glitz and the glam dealing with love, friendships, family dynamics, drama, and, of course, some fun.

Chanel is one of my best friends and she lives in a modern Orthodox household, so I know the pressures she faces from her family to get married. Hung up over her ex, I always remind Chanel that she deserves to be treated like a princess and never settle for anything less than she deserves. My view about marriage is very different. I believe you don’t get married for the sake of getting married and/or because you're 27 years old. Marriage is very important to me, and it’s a big decision that can have a huge impact, especially if there’s a divorce.

Erica and I have crossed paths in the past. She hasn't changed much with her overflowing glasses of wine and having no regard for anyone else's feelings but her own. Seems as though the apple doesn't fall far from the tree as her family has no regard for Chanel's religious values over Kosher food.