Chanel Omari

Chanel Omari reflects on how she handled the friction at her Hamptons Shabbat dinner.

on Jun 7, 2013

WOW! A lot to discuss here my Bravo readers.... As you can see, we have went through a lot of drama, and it was finally the day of rest, aka, the Sabbath! so it was time to give it a rest and plan a fun weekend for me and my girls in the Hamptons. I knew how much the girls and I were going through between our families, love lives, and friendship drama, and let's not forget the POOL PARTY, that I went out of my way to plan a fun-filled relaxing weekend for the girls. I actually do work and saved my own money to rent the house for the weekend because it was important for me to have the ladies experience the peace and positive energy and true meaning of the Sabbath. 

But I did need to make sure to fill the girls in about what was going on between Casey and Erica to make sure it was all KOSHER before we all were spending three days together.  

Speaking of the pool party, I am giving Joey kudos for owning up to bringing RGB to the pool party and for being sensitive to Amanda's feelings! KolHa Kavod is how we would say it in Hebrew: "Kudos to you, with all due respect. It takes a lot to own something and apologize for it, but luckily in our group of friends and within our culture, it's about forgiveness that allows us to move forward. I am proud of how AB (Amanda, my nickname for her) handled herself with Joey. This is what a princess is all about. Hitting rock bottom, but picking yourself right back up, humbling yourself, owning your actions, bettering yourself, and accepting people's apologies! I am all about communication, especially when it comes to relationships. We all come from different backgrounds, different upbringings. We experience different things in life, and we all need to hear each other out and talk things out in order to better ourselves. 

There is so much anti-semitism in the world and it happens within our own culture, that it's important for me to have my girls and I stick together and not let anyone come in between us or separate us. We need to embrace one another as women and as Jews, regardless of what genre of Judaism we come from.