Proud of Chanel!

Erica: "I'm Far From Perfect"

Chanel's Ch-Ch-Changes

Ashlee: "I Have Lupus"

Amanda's Fairytale Ending

Casey: "Thank You!"

Joey: Apology Smology?

Ashlee's Breaking Point

Chanel: Not Taking Sides

Amanda's Matzahf---er of a Vacation

Erica: Don't Mention "The Elephant"

Casey: Staying Away from "Mean Girls"

Chanel's Sister's "Wedding of the Century"

Joey, on Ashlee's "Mom" Comment

Joey's 90-Day Plan

Amanda: Come On, Ashlee

Casey: Hangin' with Ashlee's Family

Casey's Best Friend's (Sister's) Wedding

Chanel: "Being a Princess is..."

Ashlee: Let's NOT Talk About Sex, Baby

Ashlee: Taking the High Road

Joey: I am NOT a Bad Person

Erica: A Reason, a Season, a Lifetime

Chanel: "I Am Not Perfect"

Joey's Put-Downs Get Old

Joey: Show Me 30!

Erica: Peace, Love, and Happiness

Casey: Being There for Chanel

InterWHATion Gone Wrong

Drink Hanky Nation

Casey: Loyal is Royal to Me

Ashlee: Friends and Fabulous Footwear

The History of Kissamint

Erica: Wrong Time and Place

Chanel: A Broken Heart, But Not for Long!

Ashlee: Embrace Your Age!

Erica: Mind You Own Business -- I Love My Rob!

Casey: You've Got a Friend in Me

Amanda: "Erica was Inconsiderate to Rob"

Joey: When Singles Camp Hands You Lemons...

Chanel: It's My Shabbat and I'll Cry If I Want to!

Proud of Chanel!

Erica is touched by Ashley Omari's wedding.

What a great episode to relive. As the season is coming to an conclusion a lot of things are really coming full circle.

I am so ecstatic for Chanel and for her lovely sister and family. Chanel finally got to give her long awaited speech! Which was a complete hit, and she totally rocked it! I can only imagine the plethora of emotions she was feeling during the wedding. When I watched my sibling get married, I was so overcome with joy and happiness it felt as if I was in a dreamlike state. It is truly such a beautiful thing to watch two people exchange their vows and make a lifetime commitment to one another. For two people to be ready to share with all their loved ones that they are ready to grow old together and to be one another’s partner throughout life is truly one of lives many beautiful blessings. The thought alone gives me the chills (of joy). It is really beautiful and I so grateful I was able to see Ashley Omari get married. I felt like I was there! I would like to take a moment to wish Ashley, Danny, and the Omaris Mazel Tov. May Ashley and Danny share a lifetime filled with all of the love, health, and happiness in the world. 

Dinner with my parents and Rob was extremely humorous to watch. The truth is Rob and I have had our highs and our lows, and have not always had the so-called “perfect relationship.” But, I have come to realize relationships do not have to be at all. Relationships do take work, but the benefits always shine through. We have grown a lot together, and during this episode you really get to see how our relationship is evolving to the next level. I did however feel a little bad for Rob that my dad put him on the spot about getting engaged. Although this is something I absolutely want, I do not want to rush, and make sure we are both ready to make that commitment to one another. I do however complete understand where my dad is coming from. He has always believed in being engaged prior to living together and I do have to respect his wishes, even if it is just me taking them into consideration. 

So stayed tuned for next week! It was one heck of an episode! You do not want to miss it!

“Family is the most important thing in the world.” -Princess Diana 


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