Joey Lauren

Joey provides her final thoughts on Ashlee, Casey, and loyalty.

on Aug 4, 2013

 She has really helped me be less confrontational. I know I’m harsh at times and I’m brutally honest and sarcastic. I’m a passionate person, but my emotions aren’t always expressed correctly. Chanel has really helped me to take a deep breath when things are getting heated, and she inspires me to go about things in a more peaceful way. I know I need to understand my surroundings better and not force who I am onto others when I first meet them. I’m working on that. And Chanel is learning that there is a time and place for truths to be spoken. 

Additionally, Chanel and I both agree it was right that she went to the hospital for Ashlee. Ashlee needed someone there with her -- no one should go to a hospital alone. I sure as heck was not the right person to have gone with Ashlee, but if there was no one else there, I wouldn’t have let her go alone. I would have gone with her. (I know, hard to believe, but I am human, people, and I do have compassion for other.).

With all of that said:  

There is always room for change!  

Never say never! 

Go big or go home!  

Dream big! 

Don’t let anyone stand in your way!

I love you all! And this won’t be the last you see of me! I can promise you that! 

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