Joey Lauren

Joey Lauren commends Ashlee's reaction to their diverted weekend plans.

on Jun 22, 2013

This show keeps me laughing! Especially Chanel. Pure entertainment! Let’s go #Princesses Long Island!

It’s such a cool experience to have you, the viewers and readers, share your thoughts about the show. And for the record, I tend to agree with 99.9% of you! The show Who Wants to be a Millionaire? had it right – the audience speaks the truth, and you’re a lifeline!  

This week on the show, Ashlee, Casey, Chanel and I go to singles sleep away camp -- TRUE STORY! I was beyond excited for the trip because I love outdoor activities! (If you caught Episode 1, I was the one who caught the football while jumping into the pool… just saying!). Along those same lines, some of you may have seen on our Princess wiffle ball session outside of South Hampton Social Club. If not, watch HERE. Obviously I would much rather play physical sports than be involved in the “sport” of gossiping. 

So, back to sleep away camp. The car ride was a prime example of me knowing when to keep lips zipped. Don’t get me wrong -- I’m all for off-color commentary and sexual innuendos.  The part of me that you don’t see in the car only comes out when I’m super uncomfortable. I guess pervert is my default self-defense mechanism. You will see what that means in future episodes!