Joey Lauren

Joey Lauren elaborates on Ashlee's attempt to woo "Clark Kent."

on Jun 16, 2013

Going out that night with the girls and their boyfriends was just what I needed. When Chanel says, "It's time to rage," I am all in! Erica apparently is too, but this time maybe she took it a bit too literally?! I really don’t like confrontation, and constantly having to defend my thoughts/opinions (which seem normal to me) is exhausting. That’s why I choose to keep the pie hole shut most of the time. My dad ingrained in me that “saying less is more” and I pretty much live by that. I’m always getting myself in trouble with my sarcasm being taking out of context, such as the "mortified" comment. That was an over-exaggeration… But then again, it was short and sweet and it got the point home -- didn't it?!

It’s official: I now know what it feels like for guys to watch sports and get all revved up during games  because that's exactly how I feel when watching the Casey and Erica conversation. My heart pounds! I truly understand both positions -- Casey feels truly hurt from the cheating (been there; can totally relate), and from Erica - she was young, having fun and just didn't know or care back then and she's paying for it now. We all have our inner struggles in life. I believe in treating all people -- even those you don’t like -- with understanding. Being purposely hurtful only takes you down with the other person -- it's not worth it. When Casey said, “I was probably too honest" (and may I mention a bit mean? I want to punch you in the face x times???), she is showing guilt which only affects her at the end of the day. Guilt yields pain, and she clearly has enough of that on her plate right now with this situation.  

I truly wish for Casey that she soon learns the skill of forgiveness. Yes, it’s a skill and a hard one to learn at that! But once you learn how to move forward and wish someone the best, you can truly move forward in your life. Honestly, you don't even need to wish them well, but you do need to let go and move on and that is the first step in forgiveness (I believe the wishing them well will come with time!) Look at the situation: the only person that is hurting for all of these years is Casey because she can't let go of it. We know from a prior episode that a lot has to do with her father's behavior -- and yes, it's hard, but she needs to put this behind her so that she can move on. It is so sad to me. As she states, “I think about him cheating on me every day of my life” -- that is 4,380 days of her life that she's been upset by something that happened when she was 16 yrs old?!? 16 years old, people!!! What is more concerning to me is that she views her situation the same her mother’s, but her mom had a wedding, a child, a life planned with someone -- "'till death do us part!" Casey dated a 17-year-old “boy” for a few years who ended up being a jerk. Half of America is divorced (my parents included). Imagine if all of us impacted by divorce (so spouses plus their kids) went around wanting to punch people in the face. Oy!!!