Alison Kelly

The smells of Rami Kashou and Chris March's collection.

on Feb 27, 2008


Since I have already seen the show, I will not go into detail about certain pieces that stood out, but comment on what we saw today. I feel for Chris. Dedicating so many hours to a collection that may or may not be "in" must be incredibly nerve-racking. I applaud his innovative vision using human hair as fringe, and the safety pin skirt was intense -- wonder if if hurts to sit down in .... I see where he is coming from and see a cohesive vision -- I thought of Anais Nin and Henry Miller's wife June in the film about the author's life Henry and June. The women wear these Parisian darkly-dyed velvet gowns and robes, have voluminous wavy hair and dark, smoky eyes. They are stunning. If I were to say what Chris's collection smells like, I would say cigarettes and absinthe (I was asked today by someone what scent my collection smells like and I said Comme de Garcon ODEUR 53). Funny question.