Alison Kelly

The smells of Rami Kashou and Chris March's collection.

on Feb 27, 2008


Rami's collection smells like champagne (don't take me for a jester here), as we heard Heidi claim that she would wear the black evening gown (that thought crossed my mind as soon as I saw it), and I'd imagine Rami's clients wearing his clothing, sipping champagne at an event in Hollywood. The polka-dotted draped dress was amazing -- I would love to take it apart to see how he constructed it. We didn't hear what type of fabric the black evening gown was made of and it has left me intrigued. I promise you will be impressed by Rami's complete collection.

I am going to save Christian and Jillian (how cute was her family) until next time, but I will say the competition is going to be tough. Jillian's collection will blow your mind with a certain technique she used and Christian has kept up his full momentum and fearlessness.