Alison Kelly

Why Christian Siriano should have won.

on Feb 5, 2008


I always wonder what are they going to come up with next, and this week I was surely surprised. After all of the Eco-friendly, earth-conscious, organic fabric fashion shows and events I've been attending this Fashion Week, Spandex hit me like Vanilla Ice. I've been to Spandex House in the garment district and -- my god -- it's an adolescent living in the early 90s' dream. Fabric you'd tap dance in ... or wrestle in.

Once again I think Christian had the best ensemble, and I stress "ensemble." Team Fierce made chaps, leggings, a bustier and a jacket ... and he also had the wits to finish his sketch. He has continually shown not only conceptual and finely-structured garments, but he has projected a very precise and keenly tailored vision all season. His ensemble stood out even more so because of his fabric choices. They looked expensive (in Nina's accent) and didn't look like they came out of spandex hell (sorry Sweet P).