Alison Kelly

Why Christian Siriano should have won.

on Feb 5, 2008


I am glad Ricky had a positive outlook on the outcome of today's challenge, as you wont survive in the fashion industry without a sense of conviction and love for your work. He will shine on. Buen trabajo amor.

I find it hard to really gain a solid understanding of what a designer is capable of when he or she is given challenges that are out of their normal design realm. In some challenges, one may be lucky enough to fall into their niche, while at the same time, others struggle because of the unchartered design territory they must blindly walk into. However, we can clearly see when someone has a strong personal style as it will shine through regardless of varying challenges, and that is how I detect a really great designer. I see this in Christian and I saw it in Victorya, and brilliantly Victorya had the wits to have a show this Fashion Week. I also see this talent in Jillian and Rami, and my old pal Jeffrey has it too.