Burning Questions

Sugar as a delicious and accepted drug.

Jan 2, 2008


What did you think when Tim brought you into the Hershey store in Times Sq.?
When Tim brought us to the Hershey's store I was delighted. Times Square has been my daughter's and my neighborhood for 10yrs and going to the Hershey's store is a huge treat for us. I was truly infused with childlike anticipation.

Have you ever worked with such "fabric" before?
I have worked with an incredibly wide range of materials in all my disciplines and fashion has been no exception. In 2000, for Holly Solomon Gallery and Fashion Week, I did an entirely sugar-lace encrusted Sugar Plum Fairy couture outfit including poured sugar wings performed by a virtuoso dancer. I have placed edible clothing on myself and other performers akin to a variety of other artists which explore the boundaries of body and sensuality.