Burning Questions

Number one goal is to make clothing for real women.

Feb 12, 2008


Another field trip! Did you know instantly what wing you would use?
Yes -- another field trip!?!? I did not know which wing I'd use so I took pictures of everything and finally decided on the European painting wing

What drew you to the painting you chose? Were you surprised at all by the other designers' chosen inspirations?
I was drawn to "Master of the Argonauts" because there was a lot of action and content for me to find inspiration and momentum. I was also interested in exploring the beauty of armor. I love the idea of the hinging at joints and the fact that armor is very decorative while maintaining functionality.

You seemed to take one of the less literal approaches to the challenge -- did you consider being more literal at any time?
As a designer it is important to be inspired in order to have a context for your designs. However if you take a literal approach to a historic reference you run the risk of looking costume-y. It is my priority to make clothing for real women! With that being said, there is a point where you have to take the less literal approach.