Burning Questions

Designing practical and realistic clothing.

Dec 12, 2007

You sort of lead this charge to help Steven finish his design. What did you think of the design overall?
He was petrified from the moment he was chosen for that hideous wedding dress. We all had much more to work with, so Steven started at a disadvantage. His client wasn't that helpful, either. I knew he was stressed, I was finished already, and so I decided to help him. He would do the same for me. I like Steven a lot, and I did not want to see him go.


Was there anything else about this particular challenge that struck you as difficult or interesting?
Yes! The fact that I didn't win!

What is the trap of the "legging"?
The legging is starting to get a little dated, but it is such a staple item for certain outfits. Especially in this case. It's a makeover challenge. These women lost so much weight, and leggings are one way to expose their new figure.