Burning Questions

The challenge is about the fashion, not the photo.

Jan 16, 2008


Were you excited about the challenge when it was first announced?
I was definitely excited because I am completely enthralled by avant-garde fashion and art. I thought the hairstyles were totally outrageous and it was cool to see the hair team have a super creative moment as well.

What does "avant garde" mean to you?
I think defining terms is quite critical for this challenge. Fashion is full of vagaries as aesthetic itself is so entirely subjective. I could probably write an entire dissertation on this now, but I'll keep it concise. For me, avant-garde is understood as art, music, literature, etc, that is experimental and/or conceptual and/or innovative. In the past I have done what I call "avant-garde" as such: imaginative, experimental fashion outside the tradition of a runway show, which in no way means that it is necessarily "couture". I believe the two terms can be separate and unison. In this challenge, I think it is best when the two terms are the same breath. That is where I faltered for the judges. I was thrilled by the opportunity to explore the "conceptual" explanation of the hairstyle ... ultimately, it was a cool idea, but it wasn't couture.