Burning Questions

Stella Zotis is standing tall, proud, and undefeated.

Sep 4, 2008

BravoTV.com: Who did you think the fashion legend would be before Diane von Furstenberg came down the stairs?
Stella: I knew it was DVF because we were in the Meat Packing District, and then when I saw her showroom. I knew it would be her.

BravoTV.com: What most inspired you when you went through her Fall collection look book? What was the inspiration for your final look?
I noticed she didn't have a cape, and the vests were the same. I love the fall and fall colors, so I made a new vest, a cape and pants that were more fitted than the loose and baggy garments DVF had in her collection.

BravoTV.com: What did you think of the other designers' looks?
I never concerned myself with the other designers' looks.

BravoTV.com: What did you think of the judges' comments about your look? Do you stand by the shape of the cape?
I believe the shape could have been more tailored. There was too much fabric, and that made it look like a magician's cape. But I don't believe I should have been eliminated.