Daniel Vosovic

Count the bad puns!

on Jan 3, 2008


What a sweet deal this week's challenge was! (I'm determined to make as many bad puns in this blog as possible - so be prepared) Granted, it could've turned into quite the sticky situation (YES!) but luckily most avoided the hazards of working with food, and merely fell into the hazards of boringness.

Oh, and I love how they were able to make the Hershey's store in Times Square look large and grandiose, because in realty, don't be shocked when you realize that the stores is actually smaller than the signage that hangs above it... nothing like some fast cuts and quick editing to make things seem large and in-charge. Also, I don't think it was necessarily bad that most of the designers opted to use real fabric, as opposed to edible goods. As long as there was a bit of whimsy and joy brought to the design, I think it captured the essence of the challenge. That being said however, there's nothing like taking a risk to wake the judges up; I believe Marc Jacobs summed it up best when talking about his controversial, much-delayed, latest collection "I love that reaction of love or hate".