Daniel Vosovic

But would it have been the same without Victoria Beckham?

on Mar 13, 20080


Hey guys! Total apologies for the tardiness of this blog. I know I know, Christian won last week and its old news by now, but c'mon, I'm a busy man and its worth celebrating!

NYLO Hotels had their big grand opening last week, which is why I was down in Texas to attend their huge kick-off party, complete with live bands and a wicked little fashion show by yours truly! Everything was going to plan until crazy drunk, bi-polar Mother Nature decided that it would be funny to throw a snow/sleet/wind/apocalyptic-type storm on North Dallas! This is crazy -- it's Texas and I'm looking at inches of wet snow on the ground. Damn, I guess I brought all my short-shorts and cowboy boots for nothin'.

Well, we obviously had to make some last minute changes since hell was now coming down from the skies, but soon after a large tent, a few heating lamps and a reconfigured runway went up -- we were money!

Long story short, the show and party were a complete success. The models were phenomenal and the clothing looked great. I had 10 girls and 5 guys and their first looks were all NYLO head to toe: cleaner, more work appropriate, and then second looks were styled with pieces from their own wardrobe -- very downtown, very hip, very sexy! Phew -- one hotel down, 50 more in the next few years. Oh, and bags are being produced very soon so I'll be sure to post when they're available for sale -- amazing!


I m so desapointed..Rami was not the winner..i cant imagin how Kristian got this prize..it was not fair! What is fashion these days?..flufs scolaps and feathers? all in black?..Kristian colection was based on Victoria likeness? can we ask ourselves if most women woudl realy be brave enough to put those on?.i am sure not..unless they are going to receive an oscar or some royal event..One feahter dress made Kristian a winner..all because Victoria liked it...its not fair..Rami creatd his style..that have never been seen before..weavings..plates..etc..that is what u call real talent..oustanding enough to englobe the daily and evenign wear..with quality and imagination. I personaly think..if the publick had to vote..Rami woudl have been the winner..but unfortunately it all came down to Victoria...Project Run Way is a great show..and i love it..but i dont think this time you guys have realy realised..that we are in modern times..with light clothing..feahters and flufs and scolaps..are in the past..its oudated..the new look are colours..with outstandign design.not even black is no longer in style. i am sorry but i had to speak ..Rami good luck and i will surely soon se Rami Brand.!