Daniel Vosovic

But would it have been the same without Victoria Beckham?

on Mar 13, 2008


Hey guys! Total apologies for the tardiness of this blog. I know I know, Christian won last week and its old news by now, but c'mon, I'm a busy man and its worth celebrating!

NYLO Hotels had their big grand opening last week, which is why I was down in Texas to attend their huge kick-off party, complete with live bands and a wicked little fashion show by yours truly! Everything was going to plan until crazy drunk, bi-polar Mother Nature decided that it would be funny to throw a snow/sleet/wind/apocalyptic-type storm on North Dallas! This is crazy -- it's Texas and I'm looking at inches of wet snow on the ground. Damn, I guess I brought all my short-shorts and cowboy boots for nothin'.

Well, we obviously had to make some last minute changes since hell was now coming down from the skies, but soon after a large tent, a few heating lamps and a reconfigured runway went up -- we were money!

Long story short, the show and party were a complete success. The models were phenomenal and the clothing looked great. I had 10 girls and 5 guys and their first looks were all NYLO head to toe: cleaner, more work appropriate, and then second looks were styled with pieces from their own wardrobe -- very downtown, very hip, very sexy! Phew -- one hotel down, 50 more in the next few years. Oh, and bags are being produced very soon so I'll be sure to post when they're available for sale -- amazing!