Daniel Vosovic

But would it have been the same without Victoria Beckham?

on Mar 13, 2008


Now, onto the juicy stuff -- THE FINALE. Well, my thoughts were as follows: During the show I really liked Jillian's work. At the actual runway show I thought Rami deserved the win, and now that everything has had time to simmer, I really do think that Christian deserved the win (I'd be a horrible judge -- I change my mind too much!). It's undeniable that the final three are all talented designers, and though there were flaws and highlights in everyone's collection, I do think that having a fashion show, especially when its part of a television show, is about slapping people upside the face with how good you are ... and Christian certainly left a stinging sensation on the cheeks of many.

I do wish that he had shown a bit more diversity and range with his colors and or/textures, but thought that what he did do, was great. I loved the silhouettes, however repetitive they were, and think that they were sublimely chic. I do still have a major problem with the fact that I feel his final look seems to be a replica of a McQueen dress from his fall 06 collection, but obviously the judges didn't care.