Daniel Vosovic

But would it have been the same without Victoria Beckham?

on Mar 13, 20080


Now, onto the juicy stuff -- THE FINALE. Well, my thoughts were as follows: During the show I really liked Jillian's work. At the actual runway show I thought Rami deserved the win, and now that everything has had time to simmer, I really do think that Christian deserved the win (I'd be a horrible judge -- I change my mind too much!). It's undeniable that the final three are all talented designers, and though there were flaws and highlights in everyone's collection, I do think that having a fashion show, especially when its part of a television show, is about slapping people upside the face with how good you are ... and Christian certainly left a stinging sensation on the cheeks of many.

I do wish that he had shown a bit more diversity and range with his colors and or/textures, but thought that what he did do, was great. I loved the silhouettes, however repetitive they were, and think that they were sublimely chic. I do still have a major problem with the fact that I feel his final look seems to be a replica of a McQueen dress from his fall 06 collection, but obviously the judges didn't care.


I m so desapointed..Rami was not the winner..i cant imagin how Kristian got this prize..it was not fair! What is fashion these days?..flufs scolaps and feathers? all in black?..Kristian colection was based on Victoria likeness? can we ask ourselves if most women woudl realy be brave enough to put those on?.i am sure not..unless they are going to receive an oscar or some royal event..One feahter dress made Kristian a winner..all because Victoria liked it...its not fair..Rami creatd his style..that have never been seen before..weavings..plates..etc..that is what u call real talent..oustanding enough to englobe the daily and evenign wear..with quality and imagination. I personaly think..if the publick had to vote..Rami woudl have been the winner..but unfortunately it all came down to Victoria...Project Run Way is a great show..and i love it..but i dont think this time you guys have realy realised..that we are in modern times..with light clothing..feahters and flufs and scolaps..are in the past..its oudated..the new look are colours..with outstandign design.not even black is no longer in style. i am sorry but i had to speak ..Rami good luck and i will surely soon se Rami Brand.!