Daniel Vosovic

Taking time to smell the roses!

on Jun 9, 2008

 I was out there for a huge book expo called BEA (it's kind of a big deal in the industry) and it was a chance for book buyers and whatnot, to meet me, find out more what "Fashion Inside Out" is about, etc. Overall, it went amazing well and there promises to be a LOT of support, come the book tour in October and November -- and that includes the UK -- so be prepared Brits because I'm coming to you!

OK -- back to the blog at hand, so anyways I needed to detox and have some relaxation time after traveling and whatnot, so Kieran and I decided to make an afternoon of it. Neither of us claims to be professional photographers but I must admit that there are a few pretty good shots in the mix, aside from the creepy stalker ones.

Enjoy and don't forget to take your own day off now and again. Off to a Vman/Hedi Slimane party later tonight, no doubt to be full of waif-like boys in skinny jeans and 100 yd stares. I think it's safe to assume that they won't be serving any food for these fashion emaciated ... xx