Daniel Vosovic

Providing you with a well rounded Runway fix!

on Nov 16, 2007

Hello kiddies!


So I can tell from your frothing mouths and glossed-over eyes that you're still recovering from your Project Runway fix... I know, a year is a long time to go without something you love (I tried giving up coffee last year in hopes that it would make me feel less sluggish... well... after I ended up throwing my blackberry at my intern's head...I... well, it got messy... I never knew men could have PMS).

So let's just get into it shall we, oh, and for the record this is my opinion and you have yours, and like mother's and they're incorrigible sons I ask you to politely state yours but in the end it's my way because I said so. (Damn it I hated when my mother used to say that!)