Daniel Vosovic

Diane von Furstenberg presents a challenge with a lot on the line!

on Sep 4, 2008

Okay, before we get started I have to share some exciting news: I just got an advanced copy of my new book Fashion Inside Out from my publisher and it looks AMAZING!!! So many long hours went into it, almost a year of shooting, and countless moments of frustration, but to see it bound and looking beautiful in my hands made it all worth it! There's a big book tour coinciding with the US and UK launch date (October 28th I believe) that will take me all over the country, but I'll be sure to post more information about that when the time is closer... but I just couldn't resist sharing the exciting news!

Okay, tone it down Daniel, you rarely use so many exclamation points in one paragraph and you're starting to sound like a 10 year old on IM (LOL!)