Daniel Vosovic

Diane von Furstenberg presents a challenge with a lot on the line!

on Sep 4, 2008

Though I find this design to be pretty bad, I was on the fence halfway through the show, thinking that it was possible for him to end on the good side of straddling the risk-factor. The color combination was a risk, as was the hooded cape, but add in the poor execution (which I don't understand because he's handled past challenges beautifully?) it really was destined to crash and burn. When Joe was first showing Tim the hooded cape idea in the workroom, he held up (which I now know was just muslin) white fabric that looked much cozier and appropriate for the garment. Granted, the skirt/top was made very badly, but if he had made the cape out of cozy cashmere or wool in winter white, or something more outwear appropriate than the metallic dancewear he chose, I think it could've worked.