Daniel Vosovic

Diane von Furstenberg presents a challenge with a lot on the line!

on Sep 4, 2008

Hmmmm. I'm not sure what to really say about this dress. Yes, the fabric is gorgeous, yes, the silhouette is reminiscent of the inspiration, and yes, she's styled beautifully, but I can't get over the fact that it's just a dress. Unlike some of the other designer's looks, and many of Kenley's past challenges, this just doesn't hold its own when compared to the other designs being shown. Regardless of how it would sell in a store, it still needs to stand out the runway amidst everyone else's designs, and I think Kenley just didn't do enough. There are many times where a designer is weary of over-designing a look when they want the beauty of a fabrication to stand out, but I think that there was a way of doing a more interesting dress without losing the focus of the gorgeous fabric. In the end, the best part of the dress IS the fabric, and that's the one thing that Kenley didn't create. I'm sure I'm being so tough on Kenley because I think she's a good designer and I'd like to see her keep pushing herself - come on girl!