Daniel Vosovic

Why this is the best challenge.

on Jan 14, 2008


Team Ram-P
(giggles) Overall, I like both looks. I like them a lot. This is why: Both were clearly born from the hairstyle (which was the challenge), beautifully executing the concept of hard and soft, structure and free-flowing, so kudos for that because I feel it's the best visual representation of the hair out of any teams. I do think, however, that the avant-garde piece could've gone further: in shape, in color, in drama. Rami seems like an excellent designer in how he can restrain his designs to just the edge of everyday practical drama -- which is not a simple thing -- but for this challenge, where most others finally felt "unshackled" and were let loose, Rami almost showed too much restraint. The day look, however, is ADORABLE: the gradating hues, the juxtaposition of textures and fabrics, and most importantly, the overall look! Overall, I think that they did a nice job, and though it wasn't perfect, I though both designs were executed beautifully.