Daniel Vosovic

Why this is the best challenge.

on Jan 14, 2008


Team Rick-it
(Ha -- I like that name!) I really did think that the idea for their avant-garde piece was interesting and unexpected, though obviously fell a bit flat somewhere along the way. However, I did love the hairstyle they chose -- it's perky, it's sweet, and I see what drove them to the design concept. I also applaud the fact that they built the hoop infrastructure of the skirt so well, as when I was watching I thought to myself "What the h**l! Where did they buy a hoop skirt from? At MOOD!" But low-and-behold, the power of editing. Anyways, from the fabric, to the flatness, it all kinda went sour I love the shape, however, and if different fabrics had been used with the same concept, I think it could've have been a black sheep, but alas, we were left with Jo-Ann Fabrics' remnants.

Oh, and the day look kills me and is obviously an afterthought. "Simple and cute" can still be interesting. This look unfortunately doesn't have ANYTHING to say besides "home-sewn." ... OY! And paired with black pumps? REALLY!?!? I just don't get it ....