Daniel Vosovic

Why this is the best challenge.

on Jan 14, 20080


Team Victor-ian
(Damn another good one!) Firstly, I cannot believe that they sewed an entirely finished, entirely lined, fitted trench coat with -- TAH DAH -- FUNCTIONING snaps!?! That is something you just don't see very often on PR because of the time restrictions, and honestly, I'm stunned. There was so much work put into the avant-garde look, and it shows, that their hiccup came in designing/producing the day look. I have no doubt that they both could've upped the look of the day piece tremendously if given more time, but, unfortunately, to me, it still looks a little rough around the edges. Whereas Team Chris-tian brought equal interest to both pieces, balancing the attention, Team Victor-ian's leaned a bit too heavily on the avant-garde. Well, they both should be so proud of what they accomplished, because it truly was fantastic!


really i think thats a really cool disian, but i also think that daniel franco shoud have goten a better shot at it