Daniel Vosovic

Everything you need to know about a day-time slumber party!

on Apr 23, 20080

So as soon as I thought my 27th birthday couldn't get any better ... it did!

After a very busy past few months, I was adamant about having a birthday party where EVERYONE was allowed to relax and chill out, not just me. Thus, the idea of a day-time slumber party was born! Kieran hosted the party, supplying pillows, mattresses and blankets galore, while everyone else was simply asked to wear their pajamas, and bring a little something to share. My roomie and delightful friend Caroline undertook the role of dueling chefs, sharing the responsibility of cooking/prepping brunch and dinner for fifteen ... which is no easy task.


Richard Liu
Richard Liu

Happy (Extremely Late) Birthday :) I am definitely a full Dan fan, and it's great to see that there's still a life in the fashion industry!

I have to say, you had one of the most composed behaviors in Project Runway, along with a clear headed mind. Aside from your talent in Fashion (Which is to be praised for too :P) you also seem to have a talent in social skills and tactful speaking, which is one of the main reasons I aspire to be like you! You're my first role model!

Along with that, your open view on your own sexuality gave me some confidence myself (As I am also Gay, and only 17!)

Keep up the great work, and I hope to hear more of you in the future!

A Fan,