Daniel Vosovic

The designers get to show their true colors!

on Jul 31, 2008

Couldn't you just feel the designers getting excited to finally get out of the workroom for this challenge? I remember being "released into the wild" after countless challenges where all we had seen was Parsons and Mood, and feeling like I could finally stretch my creativity as an actual fashion designer, not just one who plays one on TV! Also, with their trip to Mood, they finally got to have complete control (which, let's be honest, every designer likes to have).

Although I have concerns about some of the designs sent down the runway, I'm happy to see a few of the designers starting to define who they are. Granted, I'm not a fan of all of their work, but this show is really about wrapping yourself around each challenge, without losing your own personal point-of-view. That being said, let's dive in!

Oh crap I almost forgot! Can someone please explain to me why Sandra Bernhard was the guest judge? Can anyone name one spectacular outfit she's ever worn? Perhaps a glamorous red carpet look that blew us away!? Shoot, I'll settle on a picture of her wearing a good pair of jeans!!?! ANYONE!?!?! I have seen her one-woman show and thought it was hilarious, but judging a fashion contest to choose "the next big American designer?" I don't get it ...