Daniel Vosovic

The designers get to show their true colors!

on Jul 31, 2008

Jennifer you're starting to make me nervous my dear. Very nervous. As I've mentioned before, I think that you are perhaps the sweetest girl I've ever met -- I still remember how polite and cordial you were in castings and how meticulous your designs were. That being said, I think you should loosen up a little and infuse a little more sex into your designs. Granted, there were definitely construction issues (As Michael says every year, silk charmeuse must not look like it was touched by human hands -- though I'm not sure what other hands would be touching it besides human ...) The combination of navy (which is a very mature color), the tiered skirt (making it too sweet), a high-ish neckline (for "a night out in NYC" don't be afraid to show a little skin) and sleeves, it all comes across as too prudish. Changing any of the above I feel would've helped to give the design more life.