Daniel Vosovic

Something seems familiar with this challenge.

on Sep 25, 2008

I have to admit, that I did think that Suede did a fairly good job. It was sewn fairly well, there were some interesting details throughout the look, and overall, it did say rock-n-roll, albeit a tame rocker who is still coming out of his shell. Do you remember Jeffrey's rock-n-roll makeover from Season 3? It was both interesting yet fitting for the challenge and allowed for that part of his personality to come out and play a part. I know that these genres were randomly given to the designers, and thusly they may or may not possess any of those qualities, but deep down I feel like Jerell had some rocker in him. That being said, I wish that Suede had really given him the opportunity to play the part and really push past the expected. We've all seen Jerell's sternum since day one of this season and by putting him in a low-cut shirt that would've worked better on Leanne, it just didn't make us sit up and become excited. I don't think it was the worst thing on the runway, but this challenge was an extremely difficult one, especially this late in the game, and I can understand not feeling like the designers were bringing their A game ... believe me, I understand. I hope Suede moves on to something spectacular and looks back at his PR moments with appreciation; not once did we hear him talk viciously about another designer, and though the third-person persona became a bit grating at times, his kind ways won out in the end. Take care!