Daniel Vosovic

Something seems familiar with this challenge.

on Sep 25, 20080

Jerell's look for Kenley was both my favorite and the worst. I think it was hilarious to see Kenley so out of her element, and though she seemed a bit leery at first, she really seemed to get into the character by the time she hit the runway, and for that I applaud her. That being said, I think she looks cheap. EXTREMELY cheap. I know pop tartlets make a living by showing off their assets, but I just think this looks too dime store costumey; there is nothing particularly aspirational about it. I find it horribly cliche, but with trainwrecks like the Pussycat Dolls gyrating their latex booty shorts and plaid demi-cup bustier on daytime TV ... I guess on the other hand you could say that he nailed it. I think I would've infused a bit more glamour and elegance into the look, possibly taking cues from someone like Gwen Stefani, who is by all means considered a pop star. She wears color, she wears heels, she shows some skin, but she never looks cheap and she always looks modern. In fact, I'm going to go put her on the iPod right now, hold on...