Daniel Vosovic

Something seems familiar with this challenge.

on Sep 25, 2008

Wow. This was a huge challenge for Leanne and one that I'm so grateful I never got. Considering that the things she had to work with were on truly opposite sides of the spectrum, I thought that she did a very good job of straddling the everyday/costume line. Tell me if I'm wrong, but don't country stars today, like Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift and ... (gulp) ... Jessica Simpson, all dress fairly contemporary when performing? I've never really seen them in traditional western gear (except for Jessica Simpson last month's Elle cover in which she was ridiculed for being so cliche) and instead see them using influences like big hair and bright colors to keep their country western image clear. With Leanne's look, I think that she did a very nice job with making a western shirt that was feminine and flattering, but with a subtle twist. The skirt, I agree, could've used a bit more life to it, but as I mentioned before, she was toeing that line of ridiculousness and though she was near it, she still could've pushed it a bit further.